Information Overload; or, How To Watch The News

I was in a local boat and tackle shop recently, shooting the breeze with the always-friendly staff there when we got on the subject of current world events.

Travel Information

Useful information for people traveling to the Fall Festival

Dream Big

Sunday dinner (a weekly ritual where we all reunite for an afternoon) was about over and the dishes were being cleared. My middle daughter was wiping down the table and we began to talk about the challenges of the coming week.

If I Were King in 2015

If I were King in 2015, there are a few things I would deem “Law of the Land,” and I may periodically share some of those things in this blog, just to see what Weekender readers might have to say about it.

Hang Up Your Hat And Kick Off Your Shoes

The home my parents raised me and my siblings in was just as important as the lessons they taught us growing up.

Take Time To Train

No matter what the activity, a human’s ability to perform declines without practice. That’s why an effective lifeguard in-service training program is the backbone of safety and performance.

Destined For Recreation

Growing up, Lisa Davol loved playing sports, competing, and being part of a team. So by the time she stepped onto the University of Georgia campus in 1993, it was clear she was destined for a career in recreation.

Unfreezing Assets

The future of the building had to be addressed—functioning as an ice arena was no longer possible. Renovate or rebuild or demolish—that was the question.

Drooling Over Programming Opportunities

The dog parks are so popular that the county is now looking at developing a master plan for their growth.

Doggone Fun!

With the increasing number of dog parks in the United States, dog park managers and volunteers are searching for ways to create more excitement, increase awareness, and raise funds for their operation.