The Boys

Rumors had been circulating for weeks. There was a buyer from out of town who had put a bid in on the pizza shop. It was commonly known that Al was looking for an offer and ready to get out of the business.

Shaping The Future Through Aquatics

Organizers announce early registration is available on April 1 for the 2015 World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC), offering a savings when registering by June 1.

Outdoor Foundation Releases Impact Report

The Outdoor Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring and growing future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, released its 2014 Outsiders Ball Impact Report, which reveals that 171,817 hours were spent outdoors through funded projects.

Spring Thaw and Cold Memories

So, is there anybody out there who is really, really ready for spring? I am, and I don’t even live in one of those really, really cold places that have gotten hammered this winter.

Keeping Your Pools Drought-Proof

Below are some tips for pool professionals to help keep the water quality at its best and reduce the need of unnecessary or excessive pool draining.

Say Goodbye Say Hello

OK – go find a full length mirror, stand in front of it and close your eyes. Wait – that’s not gonna work because then you can’t read this…

Get A Paddle Grant

Today, the 2015 Paddle Nation Grant Program opened. Those interested can apply by April 13.

Coincidences Happen

Have you even had a string of incidents occur that led to some unlikely conclusion that you didn’t see coming?



Powered By Nature

While many playgrounds are designed with good intentions, they often lack the environment to keep children and adults interested. In 2013, the city of Elk River, Minn., set out to change this.