Belvoir Terrace


Belvoir is an individually structured educational residential six week summer camp for girls. The program focuses on visual arts, dance, music, theater and individual sports. Professional expert staff live and work with motivated, happy girls grades two through ten in a supportive caring community. Excellent facilities for the arts and sports are complimented by the camps location in the cultural are of the Berkshires of Massachusetts. A summer or summers at Belvoir are life changing for both faculty and campers.

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Belvoir Terrace, 4.7 out of 5 based on 11 ratings


Camp Details
  • American Camp Assoc
Camper Age
  • 11-15
Cost Per Week
  • More than $650
Day Camp
  • None
Fine Arts
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Photography & Video
  • Pottery
  • Sculpture
  • Visual Arts
Geographic Region
  • New England
Outdoor Activities
  • Equestrian/Horse
  • Hiking
Performing Arts
  • Acting & Drama
  • Dance
  • Film & TV
  • Music
  • Theatre
Residential Camp
  • Girls Only
Session Length
  • 4 weeks or more
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Swimming/Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
Summer Enrichment
  • Academic Credit
  • College Prep
  • Foreign Language
  • Gifted
  • Leadership
  • Nature/Ecology
  • Digital Video

3 Responses to Belvoir Terrace

  1. Liza Moskowitz says:

    Belvoir Terrace is an amazing experience for all the campers. If you love the performing arts this place is the best it can get! There is no other place like Belvoir because of its caring staff, excellent classes, and experience all around. Check it out NOW!!!!!!

  2. Rachel Frankenthal says:

    Belvoir Terrace is truly a magical place. I credit Belvoir and all my teachers there for shaping who I am today, as an artist and as an individual. If you’re looking for a beautiful campus, outstanding teachers, personal attention, focused classes and a place to really be yourself, Belvoir is the place for you. I am still in touch with my teachers and the girls in my classes and cabins. I am now a professional performer and believe that if it wasn’t for Belvoir, I wouldn’t have received the confidence and trust in myself to go forth and turn my dreams into a reality. There’s no place like it.

  3. Belvoir Terrace truly changed my life growing up. I was given the chance to attend Belvoir many years ago and to this day I remember it like if it was yesterday. All the faculty and staff treated all the campers equally in a fun-loving environment. We were educated in the arts and I truly believe Belvoir has made me who I am today. I gained self-esteem and confidence everyday I was there. The caliber of all the Faculty is exceptional from Dance to Acting to Photography…the list goes on. Yes, there may be hundreds of wonderful camps out there, but Belvoir will change your child’s life as a performing artist. I now own my own performing arts conservatory and I owe it all to the Directors and Faculty at Belvoir. I was given the chance to spread my wings as a child 15 years ago…thank you Nancy and Diane for believing in all of us and for creating such an amazing performing arts camp for girls. I highly recommend Belvoir Terrace to any girl who has a true passion for the arts.

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