Journeys End Farm Camp

Farm animals, gardening, pottery, wood shop, outdoor games. Our program is centered in the life of a family farm that strives for zero waste. Focus on nonviolence, simplicity, respect for nature and animals as well as for people. Freedom from cell phones and computers. Pond for swimming. Co-ed, 34 campers, ages 7 – 12, two or three week sessions. One-week Family Camp in August.

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Rating: 4.1/5 (20 votes cast)
Journeys End Farm Camp, 4.1 out of 5 based on 20 ratings
Camp Details
  • None
Camper Age
  • 11-15
  • 6-10
Cost Per Week
  • More than $650
Day Camp
  • Coed
Fine Arts
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Ceramics
  • Pottery
Geographic Region
  • Middle Atlantic
Outdoor Activities
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
Performing Arts
  • Acting & Drama
  • Music
Residential Camp
  • Coed
Session Length
  • 2 weeks or less
  • 3 to 4 weeks
Summer Enrichment
  • Nature/Ecology

30 Responses to Journeys End Farm Camp

  1. DS says:

    My daughter went to sleep away camp for the first time last year. We were all a little bit nervous about how she would deal/like the experience.
    Journey’s End turned out to be the best part of her summer. She learned and matured so much from the experience.
    She has not stopped talking about it and is looking forward to going again next Summer.
    We are all so thankful and happy for the way it all worked out for her.
    Thank you Kristin and all of the staff @ Journey’s end. See you in the summer!

  2. Anna says:

    by Anna
    on October 25, 2010
    I was a camper at Journey’s End and returned as a counselor. JE fosters such a wonderful growing experience, and each summer is filled with many unforgettable experiences. Some are fun, others are tough, but each and every one is important. The campers rave about swimming and crafts and hikes and sports and games, and what they feel is love, acceptance, and encouragement every step of the way. Everyone is there to help each other, and the love between the campers, animals, staff, and land is palpable and special. A truly life-changing place in a world that sometimes focuses on the wrong things.

  3. by Nancy Glazener says:

    A Truly Remarkable Camp
    by Nancy Glazener
    on October 25, 2010
    My 12-year-old went to Journey’s End last summer even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to come back (unless we manage to get to family camp) because 12 is the age limit. He had heard great things about it from a friend. All we really wanted was for him to have 2 weeks of fun spending some time outdoors, but we got so much more! It’s hard to explain how a 2-week camp could send him home so much more mature and grounded, but somehow it did. He also had lots of fun–it seemed to be a very cheery, playful experience.
    The unusual things about Journey’s End, in my view, are 1) the experience taking care of animals–the kids all bonded with the animals and cared about them, and even mucking out pens was OK; 2) the practical environmentalism, which meant that the kids were aiming for zero waste and reuse/recycling and understood these things in a very direct way; 3) the caring environment, which meant there was a minimum of snarkiness and as far as I could tell a minimum of social gender segregation–the kids were all comfortable together and formed a community.
    What’s more, my formerly picky eater came home loving chard and green salad (which we serve at home with our attempt to replicate the maple bang dressing at camp), raving about the night they served Indian food, and thinking of himself as someone who likes to try new foods.
    Journey’s End is a very special place.

  4. Tammy de Luna says:

    Oldest Camper (nurse )
    by Tammy de Luna
    on October 25, 2010
    WOW !!!
    Singing, sharing,smiling and warm HUGS.
    Kids exploring new experiences in a beautiful safe environment.
    Food from the Gods. Almost all from the garden and the farm.
    Strawberries, cherries and Blueberries. Fresh Eggs.
    Chores , Zero waste, and quiet time.( morning meeting )
    Who could ask for more…

  5. Stella says:

    JE Rocks!!!!!!
    by stella
    on October 23, 2010
    they have alpacas,goats,cows,rabbits,donkeys,pigs,cats,a dog named Molly,and a lot of nice campers and counslers!

  6. Olivia says:

    by olivia
    on October 23, 2010
    zero waste
    these things are what make up jouney’s end.
    nobody is ever left behind, and no matter what age you are, everyone is friends with everyone. The food is from the garden(s) and it is DELICIOUS!!!!! The activities are aslo great because there is woodshop, pottery, fairy houses, and even songwriting!!!!!!!! everone should go the JE if they want an experience of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Phoebe says:

    by Phoebe
    on October 18, 2010
    Journey’s End really is my favorite place in the world – and the time I spent there was the best of my life (so far!). There is such a loving, accepting atmosphere there, it truly is magical. The people, the animals, the environment, the food…all wonderful! Everyone is part of the JE community, and appreciated for their own distinct personalities. A unique, amazing place.

  8. Mindy says:

    by Mindy
    on October 18, 2010
    I was a camper at JE 30 (?) years ago, and my 8-year-old went for the 1st time for 2 weeks this summer. When I took him to see the camp on visiting day, he came away not only sure he wanted to go, but said in the car ride home, “It seems like it’s easier to make friends at Journey’s End than in most other places.” A very wise observation from an 8-year-old. And so true. Spending time on a real working farm run by the Curtis family whose values of peace and respect are the backdrop to the entire experience, a wonderful staff and counselors, taking care of animals, singing songs, surrounded by nature 24/7, picking and eating home grown vegetables and just being in a calm, fun environment makes JE a unique and special place. Anyone who is part of it can feel the magic. Your child will learn that there is joy to be found in everything, whether work or play. I’m so glad my children can share in the same experience I had. (And a big plus, every letter that we got said, “the food is great!”) When asked if JE was as good as he thought it would be, Noah said “Better. And I want to go for 3 weeks next summer.”

  9. LMcGowan says:

    by LMcGowan
    on October 18, 2010
    After arriving at JE camp to pick our child up we could tell that she has grown in a new way. Her connection with the other campers and counselors was extraordinary. They were singing songs, hugging each other and smiling. She has made wonderful friends though Journeys End and looks forward to next summer to be a camper again. Great food too!!!

    Favorite place in the world

  10. Frances Spiegel says:

    by Frances Spiegel
    on October 18, 2010
    My daughter went to Journey’s End Farm Camp for four years and to this days says that it is her favorite place in the world. She tells stories about camp all year long and is already planning for her years when she can come back and be a counsellor. We love JEFC for giving everyone a place and space to express themselves and explore a love of all living creatures and how we can live together.

  11. Juliana says:

    Love Story, No Doubt
    by Juliana
    on October 18, 2010
    the power of many! the heart of many! the care and compassion and enthusiasm and genuine heart-felt! my involvement with journeys end has led to a delicate moving aside of soil in order for a small pathway to help me figure myself. theres nothing better than establishing oneself within a profound community, to be completely free of unimportance and judgement and animosity, and to be sustaining. all at micro and macro levels!—people wont get fed if someone chooses to sleep an hours past, nor will farm creatures. i expect ill be returning to journeys end until i retire; chances are ill stay close with every person and animal i grow with there, too.

  12. Mosie Burke says:

    by Mosie Burke
    on October 18, 2010
    If I could, I would give this place so many more stars it would fill up so much space it would overload the website and still have more left over. I agree with all of the other reviews, especially Noah’s; I know him and Elliot, and, to give an example of the people there, they are both awesome, funny people.

    Always Waiting For Next Year
    by Mosie Burke
    on October 18, 2010
    JEFC was an amazing experience for me. The counselors are nice and so are the campers. The morning and afternoon activities are fun, but they sometimes require hard work and a lot of active behavior, so enter judging by your sense of fun, and not if your friends or favorite counselors are in or leading them. I have found that always sticking with a bunch of friends is not as fun as doing things with new people. Journeys End is a place where you are sad your parents are leaving at the start because you will be separated for a few weeks, and then you are sad at the end because you are leaving. Both years I have come, I have had the best two weeks of my life. Every year as soon as I leave, I start wanting to go again. The age limit is 12 years old, so after that, you can’t go again until you’re a counselor (15 or 16), but even if it’s your last year there as well as your first, it would still be totally worth it. More campers are needed, especially boys; there were 12 and 13 my first two years, but whats fun about being one of the only boys is that one, you have barely any competition for the treehouse or A-frame (bunking areas) and you will more likely get to go on teepee!!!!! Teepee is very fun, and the six oldest boys and girls go at different times on a fairly long hike to a teepee out in the middle of the woods. I have been on teepee twice and have loved it both times about 1,000,000,000,000,% overall. Journey’s End, overall, was, and is, a place where I can get away from all the noise at home and be on a farm. Alright, I can’t believe I forgot to write about chores. There are Cows, Calves, Cats, sometimes Kittens, Pigs, Chicks, Chickens, Rabbits, Alpacas, Donkeys, and maybe one or two i can’t remember. JEFC is a wonderful place and i highly recommend it.

  13. Nancy Workman says:

    Wonderful Place to Grow Up
    by Nancy Workman
    on October 17, 2010
    My daughter started going to Journey’s End at age 8 and went back every year until she aged out. It’s a fun place, but also a place with real values. Taking care of animals, working in the garden, singing together, getting seriously dirty, cooking your own food on Sundays, trying new things–every year she came back a little more grown up. When we picked her up at the end of her last session, I asked if she was thinking of coming back as a counselor; all she said was, “Of course!”

  14. Anne says:

    by Anne
    on October 17, 2010
    I searched for a camp that was not sports, Scouts or church. There are nonetheless plenty of opportunity for creative game playing and physical activities, lots of opportunity to hone camping skills, and a morning meeting for daily reflection. I have been struck by the committment on the part of the counselors (many once campers themselves) to return year after year, and give of themselves to the children and families who come to spend time on this peaceful farm. There are morning and evening chores in caring for the farm animals and the farm, excellent home made organic food and lots of music. If you are not quite sure, take a tour at open house or enjoy yourself for a week at family camp. It is a group of people who daily live: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and Respect without preaching.

  15. Addy Ehlis says:

    Journeys End Farm Camp
    by Addy Ehlis
    on October 17, 2010
    I loved Journeys End and I can’t wait to go back next year!! The food was good, the counslers and the campers were all very nice, the activities were really fun, hiking, wood shop, ceramics and much more! My favorite part was the overnight, It was my first time sleeping under the stars without a tent and the smores were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

  16. Addy Ehlis says:

    by Addy Ehlis
    on October 17, 2010
    I loved Journeys End last year, I can’t wait to go back next summer. I loved taking care of the animals, I loved the activities, hiking, wood shop, ceramics and much more! The counslers and the campers were all very nice and the food was good too! My favorite part was the overnight campout because it was my first time sleeping under the stars, no tent and the smores!

  17. Betsy says:

    by Betsy
    on October 16, 2010
    I went to Journey’s End 30 years ago. My brother went to JE 25 years ago. It was a defining experience for both of us. My seven-old son went to Journey’s End last year. When he came home, he told me he wanted to go for all seven weeks next summer. We all think it’s one of the best places on earth.

  18. Nora Fried says:

    Journeys End farm camp
    by Nora Fried
    on October 16, 2010
    I have had such a great experience at Journeys End (JE). It feels so good to be there, making friends, playing games and just being myself. I am so excited to be going back as a camper next summer and would love to be a counselor when I get older.
    I love JE and highly recommend it.

  19. Peter R. says:

    by Peter R.
    on October 15, 2010
    I love this camp! Very friendly and diverse. The people are wonderful and the animals are sweet.

  20. Noah Root says:

    Journey’s End Farm Camp
    by Noah Root
    on October 15, 2010
    JE has to be one of the best places on Earth. The food is delicious, the activities are fun, and you cannot beat being surrounded by nature 24/7. The camp’s unique atmosphere also presents the kids with great values, like simplicity, environmental sustainability, and nonviolence, that help them live their lives better. But the best part of JE (and this is saying a lot) is the people. The campers and counselors are all incredibly fun to be around. The activities you do together, the animals you take care of together, and the songs you sing together are all made even better because of the great people you do them with. JE has some of the best people around, and when you arrive you become part of a fantastic community whose equal cannot be found anywhere else. When camping at JE, you don’t just unplug from the outside world, you get plugged in to an awesome new world. You really cannot go wrong by going to Journey’s End.

  21. Elliot Wolf says:

    Journey’s End
    by Elliot Wolf
    on October 15, 2010
    A great camp where you’re always happy. I went there this past summer and loved it!!! It was the best camp I’ve ever been to.

  22. Randi Kish says:

    by Randi Kish
    on October 15, 2010
    I went to JE as a kid and my older daughter aged out this summer- my younger daughter will have her first experience at JE this summer and I can’t wait. JE is a magical place- like walking through the wardrobe and coming out in Narnia. The counselors are all ex campers as no one ever wants to leave. My daughters experience at camp was much like my own over 30 years ago, she took care of animals, made things in wood shop, swam and hiked, ate new foods, song antiwar songs and really connected with a great group of kids with similar interests. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who wants their kid to “unplug” for the summer.

  23. by Kevin Mullen says:

    JE is awesome as awesome can be
    by Kevin Mullen
    on October 15, 2010
    I have been associated (meaning sending kids here)with Journey”s End Farm Camp since 1995, when my step-daughter went there with her 3rd grade class at Susquehanna Waldorf School, located in Marietta, PA. I went along as a parent aid then and was super impressed with the humility of the owners and the staff. The emphasis then was on simplicity, community, sustainability (before it was a buzz-word)stewardship of our Earth, and what it means to be a part of something larger than ourselves while still developing the self.
    Then 4 years ago, my next set of kids went there for their 3rd grade trip and things were still what they had been 9 or 10 years earlier. My son has attended three summers’ worth of 2-week camps and has come back a happy camper and a better person each time. He will help out with farm shores and group activities here, and then give me a hard time when I try to replicate it at home!! How typical!

    I can’t recommend the camp strongly enough. No computers, no IPODS, no technology. Just community, simplicity and the activities we all want to do every summer!! Enjoy!

  24. by Joey Hartmann-Dow says:

    JE makes great humans
    by Joey Hartmann-Dow
    on October 15, 2010
    JE has literally made me who I am. The years waiting to come back as a counselor were too long. Now I am 20 and I can’t imagine growing up without my camp experience. I wish every child got the chance to go to a camp like this, even if just for 2 weeks. Kids love it, counselors love it, parents love it, animals love it. Real food, real music, real people, real life. If you want to give your children an invaluable gift, send them to JE.

  25. by Kara says:

    by Kara
    on October 15, 2010
    Journey’s End is wildly fun! Life-changing, yes, but also simply unbelievable amounts of fun for campers and staff.

    As a camper, Journey’s End offered me a different model for how to interact with kids, adults, and the earth based on respect, simplicity, and love.

    As a counselor, Journey’s End cultivated my ability to nurture meaningful relationships with my peers and the earth.

    It is so rare in our fast-paced, goal-driven world, to have a brief reprieve from the expectations of the consumptive world we live in, but Journey’s End invigorates the awareness in us that it is fun and beautiful to be creative, be outside, have fun, sing, discover our passions, play silly games, work with our hands, and romp in the woods, and above all, BE OURSELVES. I am always grateful for my time spent at the “magical” world of Journey’s End. It has inspired me to bring that magic to my life away from camp.

    Simply put, this is the best camp.

  26. Elizabeth Santiso says:

    The BEST experience my daughter has ever had. My soon to be 12 year old is dreading the fact that this will be her last summer at Journey’s End – until she is a counselor! Just this morning for breakfast she had blueberries and said to me (for the 100th time since she came back from camp) “I really miss camp!” I am grateful for what Kristin and all her incredible counselors have done to encourage and nurture my daughter. It’s a wonderful and caring place for children to learn not only about the environment and appreciation of animals but about how to be the best person they can be.

  27. Eli says:

    My experiences at JE have been hugely formative, both as a camper in the ’90s and a counselor/gardener the last two years. People there are excited about living intentionally, positively, and inclusively. You act differently when you’re there, but it’s often better, and you feel like your JE self is more like your true self. I’ve seen this both with campers and staff. It sounds wishy-washy, I know, but it is an amazing place. And it is so fun! You can take a muddy hike, make a spoon, run through the woods, plant, water, harvest, cook, and eat a carrot, befriend an alpaca, and or just sit outside, tell jokes, or sing. Even shoveling poop is fun because you laugh with other people when you do it. And, as active as it sounds, there is enough time built in for kids (and staff!) to be quiet and reflective and calm. The folks at JE have it figured out.

  28. Ezra says:

    When I was nine I went to JE for the first time. I had such a positive experience that I came back the next three years and have worked the past two as a counselor. Overall I would say that JE was a life changing experience for me, in fact I even met my best friend there.

  29. Robin says:

    Visit Journey’s End Farm Camp and you will understand why we love it soo much!

  30. ~Anala~ says:

    Journey’s End Farm Camp is one of the most magical and beautiful places I know. The land and flora and fauna, certainly; and also the spirit of the place, and people. I was deeply honored to have met the entire Curtis family (some of my favorite people in this world), and to be a counselor there in the summer of 2002. The experience was bedecked with song and harmony, Hugs Galore, wonderful healthy food, deeply caring community, consciousness and compassion, many loving lessons learned by the children and counselors alike ~ growth, nourishment, living close to the land, and the stars… beauty all around. Sincere, heartfelt appreciations of one another. Nature lessons, creativity, ridiculous fun ~ ‘…and you and me are free to be you and me’. So much sweetness. {not just the maple syrup~!}
    So much Love.
    This place is a true gem, and has been a source of renewed hope and deep inspiration for me.
    ~Thank you for Being~ ! I cannot wait until I have the chance to be with you all again. Whenever, and whomever ‘you all’ may be, next time I am around. :)

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